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University of South Florida Media Experts

Welcome to USF’s list of faculty experts for use by the media or groups looking for speakers. The names on this list represent just a small portion of the faculty members who comprise our highly accomplished teaching staff. They can serve as excellent sources for analysis, opinions and comments on news, current events or feature story topics. We will continue to add new names to this list of experts, so be sure to check back on a regular basis.

You can search for experts by area of academic expertise, name, college and department. Please contact University Communications and Marketing’s News Department at (813) 974-4014 to arrange interviews, unless otherwise indicated, or for further assistance.

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Name Areas Phone College Department
Agrawal, ManishSoftware quality; electronic intermediaries; development of agent-based systems for negotiations and fraud detectionn/aCollege of BusinessInformation Systems and Decision Sciences
Aikins, StephenPublic financial management and economic policy; public information systems management; citizen centered e-government; governmental audit and risk managementn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Government & International Affairs
Akiwumi, FendaResource policy and management; resource extraction and conflict; mining, environmental and social change; water, cultural diversity and sustainability issues; gender and water-based sustainable livelihoods; Africa; Africa-African diaspora development linkages; diversity in geographic education in USn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Geography
Allen, TammyWork-family balance; flexible work arrangements; career development; mentoring relationships; organizational citizenship; occupational healthn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Psychology
Aranda, ElizabethImmigration and migration; Latino communities in U.S. and Florida; race and ethnic relations; Puerto Ricans in the U.S.; emotional health of immigrants Latinos; South Florida immigrants; sociology of familiesn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Sociology
Arnold, KristinTelevision production; producing; directing; documentaries; sports production; live television(813) 974-6796College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mass Communications
Baer, RobertaMedical Anthropology; nutritional anthropology; cultural aspects of diabetes, cancer, and stress; race and health disparities; cross cultural and lay–professional concepts of disease and illness; international development(813) 974-0805College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Bahr, RuthSpeaker identification; intra-speaker and inter-speaker variability; speech sound development and disorders; vocal disorders; early literacyn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Communication Sciences and Disorders
Balfour, AlanEmployment relations; union-management relations; organizational leadership; international cultural differences(813) 974-1785College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Barnett, MichaelManagerial decision making(813) 974-1714College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Bartesaghi, MariaelenaConversational dynamics; language and social interaction; health communication; social construction of reality; institutional and social narratives(813) 974-6822College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Communication
Berkman, KarenAutism spectrum disorders; positive behavior support; person centered planningn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Child and Family Studies
Berndt, Donald J.Information systems programs; database communications; database systems; medical informatics; health informaticsn/aCollege of BusinessInformation Systems and Decision Sciences
Borman, KathrynScience education in K-12; educational anthropology; urban schools-communities; research and evaluation with an emphasis on science education; Appalachian/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Brandon, ThomasTobacco use dependence; cigarette smoking; smoking cessation; addictions(813) 745-1751College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Psychology
Brescia, PabloSpanish; history and theory of Latin American short fiction; twentieth century Mexican and Southern Cone narrative and Colonial Mexico; interrelationships between film and literature and philosophy and literaturen/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)World Languages
Brinkmann, RobertHuman alteration of the environment; sinkholes; karst systems; Florida geography; pollution; climate change policy; sustainability(813) 974-4939College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Geography
Brown, LisaDisaster mental health; assessment and intervention for older adults; mood and anxiety disorders; suicide; dementia; long-term care(813) 974-0098College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Aging and Mental Health Disparities
Brulotte, GaëtanFrench language; French and Francophone literature, especially twentieth and twenty firstt century; Quebec literature and culture; love and literature; sexuality and literature; history of love and sexuality; literary criticism and theory; short story; creative writing(813) 974-2782College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)World Languages
Bryant, BruceTraining and certification of Florida’s child welfare trainers; administration of Florida’s child welfare professional certification program; child welfare pre-service and in-service trainingn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Mental Health Law and Policy
Burns, KelliAdvertising; public relations; social media; popular culture(813) 974-6799College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mass Communications
Butchart, GarnetCultural trends; stories about mass media; media ownership; philosophy of communication(813) 974-2052College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Communication
Castaneda, HeideSocial inequality and medicine; critical medical anthropology; immigrant and refugee health; undocumented migrants; transnational labor migration; NGOs and humanitarian aid; constructs of citizenship; Europe; Germany; Mexican migration to the U.S.n/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Chitwood, AvaArchaic Greek literature and philosophy; Greek and Latin languages, literature and culturen/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)World Languages
Christy, AnnetteBaker Act; civil commitment policy and research; interaction of mental health and justice systems; guardianship policy and research, specifically as it relates to persons with mental illnesses; veterans with mental illness; veterans involved in the criminal justice system; specialty courts; mental health courts; veterans courtsn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Mental Health Law and Policy
Cissna, Kenneth N.Interpersonal communication; dialoguen/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Communication
Cobb, SarahPediatrics; school health; community health; children’s mental health; quantitative methodologyn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Child and Family Studies
Cohen, CynthiaConflict resolution; employment rights; labor relations; organizational justicen/aCollege of BusinessManagement & Organization
Coovert, MichaelComputers in the workplace; social media; multimodal technologies; team performance; impact of technology on individuals and organizations(813) 974-0482College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Psychology
Cummings, WilliamSoutheast Asia(813) 974-1087College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)History
Davis-Salazar, KarlaPost-secondary anthropology education; pedagogy in anthropology; curriculum development and instruction assessment; anthropological archaeology; human-environment interaction; water management; Mayan/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
DeJonge, MichaelHistory of Christianity; history of Christian thought in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Dietrich Bonhoeffern/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Religious Studies
Desmarais, SarahSevere mental illness and criminal justice outcomes; family violence prevention and intervention; short-term violence risk assessment and management; jury knowledge and decision making; trauma and memoryn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Mental Health Law and Policy
Diehl, SylviaAutism spectrum disorders; augmentative and alternative communication; developmental disabilities; pediatric language; language and literacy(813) 974-9816College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Communication Sciences and Disorders
Discenza, Nicole GuentherOld English language and literature; Middle English language and literature; Anglo-Saxon cosmology and geography; translation studies(813) 974-1887College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)English
Donchin, EmanuelCognitive neuroscience; electropysiological neuroimaging; augmented cognition; the brain's executive control system; brain computer interfaces(813) 760-7114College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Psychology
Duke, EricAfrican American, Caribbean, and Black-African Diaspora History; Black internationalism and Diaspora politics; race, nationalism, and nation-building; black radicalism; decolonization; intra-racial relations; identity constructionn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Africana Studies
Dyl, JoannaUS environmental history; urban environmental history; US West; natural disastersn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)History
Edwards, YancyMarketing segmentation; database marketing; direct marketing for cross-selling; internet marketing; market structure analysis; Bayesian methods, spatial modeln/aCollege of BusinessMarketing
Fleming, JohnCreative fiction writing(813) 974-9567College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)English
Fox, GordonPlant ecology and evolution; conservation biology; population biology; fire ecologyn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Integrative Biology
Fridell, LorieLaw enforcement issues; use of force; violence against police; racial profiling(813) 974-6862College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Criminology
Friedlander, EdwardNews writing; reporting; newspaper and magazine feature writing; photojournalism; mass communications and societyn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mass Communications
Frisch, StefanSpeech production; speech perception; language processing; psycholinguistics; linguistics; phonetics; phonology; speech science; acoustics; articulation; speech technologyn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Communication Sciences and Disorders
Fuller, SallyOrganizational culture; issues of fairness; employment law; organizational diversity(813) 974-1766College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Gebhardt, GaryMarketing strategy and implementation; managerial decision making; organizational change; marketing processes within organizationsn/aCollege of BusinessMarketing
Gibbons, MichaelPolitical theory; American political thought; the American founding and constitutional convention; civil-military relations; religion and politicsn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Government & International Affairs
Golombisky, KimberlyGender and diversity issues in public discourse; mass communications; popular culture; educationn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mass Communications
Grewal, GurleenPostcolonial literatures; literature of the indian Diaspora; Toni Morrison; African American literature; feminist criticism; nature writing; contemplative pedagogyn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)English
Guida, Wayne C.Computational chemistry; computational biochemistry; synthetic organic chemistry; medicinal chemistryn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Chemistry
Guignon, CharlesContinental philosophy; phenomenology; hermeneutics; existentialism; post-structuralism; Heidegger; philosophical study of psychology and psychotherapy theoriesn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Philosophy
Hall, CherylClassical, modern and contemporary political theory; environmental political theory; feminist political theoryn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Government & International Affairs
Harwood, ValerieWater quality microbiology; microbial ecology; vibrios and vibrio vulnificus; pathogens; waterborne disease; sewage pollution; microbial source tracking(813) 974-1524College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Integrative Biology
Herbert, GregoryEvolutionary theory; paleoecology; extinction; evolutionary arms races; predation; marine biology; conservation paleobiology; paleoclimatology(813) 974-9023College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Geology
Himmelgreen, DavidBiological anthropology; medical anthropology; maternal and child health; nutritional assessment; food insecurity and hunger; child growth and development; obesity and chronic disease; hypertension; nutrition education; nutrition and HIV/AIDS; HIV/AIDS prevention evaluation; behaviorally based intervention research; Costa Rica; Southern Africa; India; United States(813) 974-1204College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Hirsh, ElizabethModern and contemporary literaturen/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)English
Hopler, JayPoetry writing; poetry (American, world, all time periods); mystery, detective and crime fiction(813) 974-9565College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)English
Hunter, DelroyInvestments; international finance; empirical asset pricing; corporate finance(813) 974-6319College of BusinessFinance
Hyer, KathrynOrganization, staffing, training, policies and financing of long-term care; impact of state and federal regulations on assisted living and nursing home residents’ quality of care and quality of life(813) 974-3232College of Behavioral and Community SciencesAging Studies
Ickes, ScottBrazil; Brazilian history; Latin American history; race; class; gender; politics; culture; identityn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)History
Jiang, XiaomeiExperimental condensed matter physics; continuous wave laser spectroscopy; organic electronic materials and optoelectronic devices; colloidal quantum dots; nanostructure device physics and engineering; solar energy applicationsn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Physics
Johnson, DavidCold War culture; the US since 1945; history of sexuality; gay and lesbian civil rights movement; the Johns Committee; consumer culturen/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)History
Jones, JoniElectronic commerce; pricing models for information goods; information markets; analysis and design of business systemsn/aCollege of BusinessInformation Systems and Decision Sciences
Jones, ShayneJuvenile delinquency and justice; white collar crime; legal decision-making, including juries and judges; personality and crime; psychopathic personality disorder; eyewitness testimony; expert testimony; violence risk assessment; police lineups; false confessions; civil law and trials, including medical malpractice(813) 974-9556College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Criminology
Jorgensen, DannySociology of religion; science and religion; cults and sects; new American religions; Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and other Restorationists; Neopaganism and Witchcraft (Western occultism and esotericism); Scientology; Anabaptists (Amish, Mennonites); Shakers(813) 974-1848College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Religious Studies
Karlins, MarvinTime management; leadership; personal motivation; crew resource management in aviation; psychology of gambling; aging(813) 974-1746College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Karver, MarcClinical child psychology; child and adolescent psychotherapy and mental health services research; psychotherapy treatment process research; clinician behaviors and decision making; assessment of child and adolescent strengths; child and adolescent suicidality; suicide preventionn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Psychology
Kelton, AndreaAccounting information systems; behavioral accounting; the effects of technology on human decision processesn/aCollege of BusinessAccountancy
Kim, MyungLaser and optical physics; digital holography; optical tomographic imaging; biomedical imaging applications; photon echo; laser spectroscopy; quantum interferencen/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Physics
Kimmerle, ErinBiological anthropology; forensic anthropology, aging; variation; skeletal trauman/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Kimonis, EvaPsychopathy; antisocial/criminal behavior and juvenile delinquency; sexual offending; emotion; childhood maltreatmentn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Mental Health Law and Policy
Kissi, EdwardComparative genocide; human rights; twentieth century African history (Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa); twentieth century US relations with Africa(813) 974-7784College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Africana Studies
Kumar, AnandMarketing communications’ effectiveness; customer satisfaction; customer delight; consumer reactions to new technology, products and services; consumer emotions; brand strategiesn/aCollege of BusinessMarketing
Latowsky, AnneMedieval French language and literature civilization French language, literature, and culture; contemporary France(813) 974-3257College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)World Languages
Lee, Min-Dong PaulInsitutional theory; social movement theory; diffusion of innovations; stakeholder human resources management; strategic corporate social responsibility; cross-cultural management; religion and capitalism; business ethics(813) 974-1721College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Levin, BruceManaged behavioral health care; mental health policy; graduate behavioral health education; mental health informaticsn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Child and Family Studies
Lucas, LindaWomen and work; gendered consequences of globalization; gender and economic development; gendered choice of undergraduate majorsn/aHonors College
Lynch, MichaelEnvironmental and corporate crime and regulation; radical criminology; racial bias and criminal justice; effect of imprisonment rates on crime rates(813) 974-8148College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Criminology
Madrigal, LorenaBiological anthropology; human demography; population genetics; human biology; Costa Rica(813) 974-0817College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Martin, LynnEcological physiology; immunology(813) 974-0157College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Integrative Biology
Martinez Tyson, DinorahMedical anthropology; cultural aspects of cancer/cancer survivorship; health disparities; Latino health; community-based participatory research; cultural adaptation; program planning and evaluation(813) 974-0723College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Aging and Mental Health Disparities
Mayberry, MaraleeSociology of education; feminist science studies; political sociology; social movementsn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Sociology
McColm, GregoryGeneral mathematics and statistics questions; logic and computer science; geometry in two or three dimensions (especially in nanoscience and materials science); combinatorics (finite structures and counting problems); probability; philosophy of education and science(813) 974-9550College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mathematics and Statistics
McCook, Kathleen de la PeñaHuman rights and libraries; social justice and librarianship; libraries building communities; poverty and library services; adult lifelong learning literacy; theories of reading; libraries as cultural heritage institutions; public librarianshipn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Library & Information Science
McEvoy, CathyMemory performance in normal aging; implicit and explicit influences on memory; techniques for memory improvement; application of basic memory research to understanding cognition in deaf and hearing-impaired adultsn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community SciencesAging Studies
McIlvane, JessicaCoping with stress and chronic illness (vision impairment, arthritis, daily hassles, Osteoarthritis) in adulthood; stress-buffering effects of social relationships on well-beingn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community SciencesAging Studies
Michaels, CharlesWorkplace isolation; part-time employment; alternative employment; assessment center technique(813) 974-9513College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Mieczkowski , Thomas Drug testing; terrorism; forensicsn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community SciencesCriminology
Mitchell, MozellaLiterature and theology; African American religious history; African and Afro-Caribbean religions; issues in Caribbean religions; comparative mysticism; women and religion; new testament theology; contemporary religious thought; liberation theologies; African American religious thinkers; Malcolm X; Martin Luther King, Jr.n/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Religious Studies
Murray, WilliamAncient history; ancient Greece and Rome; classical archaeology; ancient Greek and Roman war; ancient Mediterranean maritime history and archaeology; ancient naval warships and warfaren/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)History
Murthy, UdayData modeling and design methodologies for accounting systems; auditing computer-based systems; expert systems; group support systems in accounting(813) 974-6523College of BusinessAccountancy
Nord, WalterOrganizational behavior studies(813) 974-1787College of BusinessManagement & Organization
Ottanelli, FraserUS radical experience; labor; immigration; the Italian Diaspora; communism; Italyn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)History
Pantzalis, ChristosInternational corporate finance; corporate finance; market efficiency(813) 974-6357College of BusinessFinance
Parnes, DrorCorporate creditworthiness; credit risk issuesn/aCollege of BusinessFinance
Peters, RogerTreatment of dually diagnosed offenders; substance abuse treatment; screening and assessment approaches; evaluation of substance abuse treatment effectiveness; alternative case processing approaches, such as drug courts; knowledge adoption and application strategiesn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Mental Health Law and Policy
Pluckhahn, ThomasEastern United States prehistory; Mesoamerican prehistory; cultural resource management; settlement pattern studies; household archaeology; environmental anthropology; ceramic analysis; GIS applications for anthropology(813) 974-1523College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Qi, JianpingFinancial intermediation; corporate finance theoryn/aCollege of BusinessFinance
Richards, ChristinaPlant ecological genetics and genomics; ecological and evolutionary epigenetics; plant ecophysiology; conservation genetics; global change biologyn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Integrative Biology
Riedling, AnnInformation literacy skills; information literacy assessment strategies and techniques; social informatics in adolescents and teens; the impact of school libraries on academic achievement(813) 974-7650College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Library & Information Science
Robinson, DahliaFinancial accounting; corporate governance; auditingn/aCollege of BusinessAccountancy
Rogers, CatherineSecond-language speech perception and production; perception of foreign-accented speech by native listeners; speech perception by cochlear implant users; effects of age and hearing loss on speech perception; speech technology(813) 974-7423College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rohr, JasonCommunity and population ecology; conservation; ecotoxicology; disease and parasite ecology; ecology of climate change; behavioral ecology; biodiversity; pollution; pesticides; environmental science(813) 974-0156College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Integrative Biology
Roman, DianaVolcanoes; earthquakes; source processes of volcanotectonic earthquakes; volcano-fault interaction; forecasting volcanic activity through volcanic stress field analysis; structure and evolution of magma transport and storage systems(813) 974-2838College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Geology
Romero-Daza, NancyHIV/AIDS; women's health; health problems in the inner city; infant mortality; drug abuse; commercial sex; Costa Rica; Southern Africa; United Statesn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Schonfeld, MartinPhilosophy of climate(813) 974-5698College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Philosophy
Simeon-Jones, KersuzeFrancophone studies; Africa and the Caribbean; comparative Afro-Caribbean studies; african diaspora; women’s history within the diaspora; black internationalism; historical and literary analyses of socio-political movementsn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Africana Studies
Sincich, TerryApplied statistical modeling; stuctural equation analysis; statistical educationn/aCollege of BusinessInformation Systems and Decision Sciences
Skrzypek, LeslawApproximation theory; classical analysis; functional analysis; minimal projections; Lp spaces(813) 974-1268College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mathematics and Statistics
Skvoretz, JohnTheoretical methods; group processes and social psychology; network analysis and modelingn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Sociology
Solomon, PaulPromotion; services marketing(813) 974-5995College of BusinessMarketing
Stuart, NathanManagerial accounting; cost-benefit analysis; incentives; performance measurementn/aCollege of BusinessAccountancy
Surrency, StevenAmerican Sign Language; interpretation; ethical decision making; general linguistics; applied linguisticsn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Communication Sciences and Disorders
Sutton, NinonCorporate finance; mergers and acquisitions; agency theory; market efficiency; corporate governancen/aCollege of BusinessFinance
Tykot, Robert H.Archaeological science; Mediterranean prehistory; old world archaeology; ancient diets around the world; bone chemistry; exchange studies; obsidian; marble; Sardinia; Sicily(813) 974-7279College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Vanden, HarryLatin America/Latin American politics including Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Central America and Cuba; US-Latin American relations; comparative politics, especially the global south; terrorism, democratization and new social and political movements in Latin America(813) 974-2683College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Government & International Affairs
Vaz, KimCounseling parents and students; counseling techniques in various settings; applications of psychoanalytic therapy in schools; community's cultural responses to trauma; feminist, multicultural, and intersectionality theories in counseling; role of counseling professionals in adult lifelong learning; feminist and public pedagogyn/aCollege of EducationPsychological and Social Foundations
Vergon, KerenChildren’s mental health; systems of care for children; trauma; methodology and evaluationn/aCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences (Undergraduate)Child and Family Studies
Wedge, LeiCorporate governance; corporate finance; investments; the mutual fund industryn/aCollege of BusinessFinance
Welker, Robert F.Business Law; collective bargaining(813) 974-6548College of BusinessAccountancy
Wells, E. ChristianApplied archaeology; economic anthropology; theory of ritual economy; cultural and ecological aspects of human/soil dynamics; microscale activity analysis using soil chemistry; quantitative and formal modeling; prehistory of Mesoamerica and Central America(813) 974-2337College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Werder, KellyPublic relations; strategic communication management; crisis communication; relationship management; communication campaign development; service learning(813) 974-6790College of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Mass Communications
White, Nancy-MarieGulf Coast prehistory; Apalachicola-lower Chattahoochee Valley prehistory and early history; origins of complexity; coastal vs. interior settlement; gender in anthropological perspective; public archaeology; cultural resources managementn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Williams, ThomasMedieval philosophy and theology; Augustine; Anselm; Peter Abelard; Thomas Aquinas; John Duns Scotus; philosophy of religion; Episcopal Church; Anglican Communion; Anglicanismn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Religious Studies
Williamson, KenCommunity engagement; participatory action research; identity; grassroots political organization; Brazil; United Statesn/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology
Zarger, RebeccaSociocultural anthropology; environmental anthropology; ethnoecology; ethnographies of childhood; anthropology of education; public engagement in environmental policy; conservation; migration and environmental change; environmental education; Central America; Caribbeann/aCollege of Arts and Sciences (Undergradute)Anthropology