Color Palettes

USF Primary Palette

The colors below are USF's official, primary colors. They are applied to USF's official logos and symbols, and should be used on all USF communications - print and digital.

New PMS Color Bridge Plus Series USF Green and USF Gold

Color recipes above are selected from the Pantone® Matching System, Color Bridge Plus Series, for coated paper. The Pantone Matching System is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. The PMS, CMYK, HTML and RGB colors are designed to match as closely as possible across various forms of media.

Due to recent upgrades to the Pantone system, USF's logo colors have been revised. All logo files available for download on this site are NEW, revised for the new colors. University Communications & Marketing requests that you replace logo files with the new files posted on this site.

More information about the Pantone system can be found here.

Metallic Foil Stamp

Where appropriate, for formal, elegant printed items, you may use a metallic gold foil stamp, in a color selected to match USF gold displayed above as closely as possible. Foil stamping is a specialty process that can not be recreated with PMS, CMYK or metallic ink. Consult with UCM or your print vendor for more information.

USF Accent Palette

The colors below have been carefully selected to accent USF's official green and gold colors while expressing USF's brand personality. Use them where you desire a fresh pop of color to punch up your publication or website. You are not limited to these colors - the Accent Palette is intended to be a useful and fun tool for USF communicators. USF's logos are only depicted in USF's primary colors.

NOTE: CMYK values are specific to USF and do not correspond with Pantone's breakdown.