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Welcome to the University of South Florida Weather Center. The current conditions displayed here are from equipment installed at the USF Botanical Gardens on the western edge of the Tampa campus. The webcam, displaying the USF water tower, is located in the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building. The five-day forecast is fueled by data from Weather Underground. On this site you will also find links to some of USF's faculty experts on weather and climate, along with links to historical weather data and other meteorological information. If you have suggestions for content to this site, please email USF News.

View a slideshow of the weather equipment and the gardens by USF News photographer Aimee Blodgett. Click here.

Webcam possible through donation from Galileo Group, Inc.

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Review information in a variety of areas, including historical weather data, weather radar maps for Florida and the United States, coastal tides and data from the National Weather Service.

Faculty weather/climate/hurricane experts:

Jennifer Collins: Associate Professor of Geography, Collins and her research focuses on weather, climate change, tropical climatology and hurricane activity. She is active in the West Central Florida American Meteorological Society. View the society's Facebook page. View Dr. Collins' Weather Web Page.

Robert Weisberg: Distinguished University Professor in the College of Marine Science, Weisberg studies ocean circulation and ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropics, on continental shelves and in estuaries. Expertise in predicting hurricane storm surge.

Jyotika Virmani: Associate Director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography, Virmani is an expert on hurricane storm tracks and studies ocean-atmosphere interactions and ocean circulation. USF is the host institution for FIO. Virmani is the author of Jyotika's Tropical Storms Blog.

Full list of USF weather experts

Hurricane Information:

USF Division of Public Safety: The division provides updated information around a host of items centered on public safety. It publishes a Hurricane Guide for USF.

View the Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) developed to predict weather systems moving across the tropics. It is currently in a test phase. The WRF web page has five associated images that show different fields of interest to forecasters and more may be added in the future. The model images portray possible paths of tropical weather systems moving across the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. This is another piece of information that forecasters may use to predict the broad scale weather patterns.